Why I’m running

As I have gotten to know you on the campaign trail, many undecided voters are curious about why I’m running for Commonwealth’s Attorney and what I hope to accomplish. With that in mind, I would like to share with you the body of an email I wrote to a voter about why I jumped in to the race. Hopefully it will be helpful to you too.

Dear Voter,

I have been a prosecutor and a criminal law attorney for over 15 years.  My office is located in the old Commonwealth’s Attorney building next to the courthouse in Manassas. I worked in Paul Ebert’s office for six years.  I was part of the D.C. Sniper Task Force that prosecuted John Allen Muhammad.  I was also assigned to the capital murder prosecution of Brandon Crawford, and many other cases such as robbery, rape, drugs and gang violence.  

As your Commonwealth’s Attorney, I plan to expand services to victims of crime, the veteran’s docket, attack the opioid crisis, aggressively pursue gang activity, and focus on crime data collection.

Victims of crime deserve to have a rapid, efficient application of all available resources.  We must consider that victims of crime will often need counseling for psychological trauma, crisis intervention, and substance abuse/addiction treatment.

Currently, there is special consideration for Veterans who are charged with non-violent crimes in the General District Court.  I want to expand special services to Veterans who are charged with crimes in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations court.  That would allow Veterans charged with crimes such as domestic violence to have access to mental health counseling, and substance abuse/addiction treatment and earn the right to have their charges reduced or dismissed.

I want to work with community stakeholders to develop new approaches to addiction services to reduce recidivism and remove individuals from the drugs and crime cycle.  A major focus will be on removing drug dealers from our streets.  Aggressive prosecution of dealers along with expanded services to addicts will make our streets and homes safer.

I will aggressively prosecute gang violence and seek maximum sentences for gang members.  I will send the message that our county is not a safe place for gangs to operate.

Finally, I will institute a data collection/analysis program.  This will help identify where resources are best utilized.  I will be able to work with our law enforcement partners to recognize trending issues and criminal activity to provide a rapid response.

I recognize the important role of the Commonwealth’s Attorney in our community and I will work tirelessly to maintain a safe environment for all citizens.  Please call me if you have any questions or concerns that you would like to discuss.  My cell phone number is 703 589-5304.

Thank you for your support,

Tim Olmstead

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